Samsung who are a major player in the curved TV market in Australia has released a new 27″ curved LED monitors, it follows the release of a curved LG IPS monitor.

It is not known when the Samsung curved monitor will go on sale in Australia. 

The SD590C 27-inch curved-screen LED LCD monitor is said to deliver offer a more immersive viewing experience, augmented by a super-narrow bezel. Stereo speakers are built directly into the monitor’s curve, and a specialized mode optimizes the monitor for gaming with just one click.

 Samsung said that the monitor was developed with extensive research to help determine the 4000R as the best curvature for the display. It is said to offer a wider field of view than flat 27-inch panels, and helps draw in viewers and make the monitor appear larger. Samsung said the effect helps reduce “peripheral visual clutter” and provides a more comfortable viewing experience for the eyes

.”Because the display’s edges are physically closer to the user’s eyes and match their natural curve, users don’t need to shift focus to see the ends of the screen.  

This component is ideal for serious gamers or office workers who spend extended hours in front of a computer,” Samsung said in a statement announcing the product. 

 Monitor brightness is listed at 350 nits and the “Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio” is 3,000:1. 

The refresh rate is 60Hz. Samsung said the monitor enhances the gaming experience by offering both a more immersive visual experience and a surround-sound effect produced by 5-watt, two-channel dual stereo speakers built into the screen curve. 

With one click, the monitor switches into Game mode by instantly adjusting settings for optimized play. Scenes are said to be intelligently detected, colors enhanced, and the contrast adjusted to make the darks darker and the lights lighter.

 Game Boost also enriches sound in two ways: First, the monitor’s equalizers are adjusted to make sound effects sound more natural. Second, the most important game noises (for example, car noises in a driving game, explosions in an action game, or character sounds in a role-playing game) will stand out over the background music. Up to three SD590C monitors can be connected simultaneously to create a wider, gentler curve for a more pronounced wraparound effect for all games and multimedia content. 
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