Samsung S5: A “Disruptive Breakthrough”?


The “disruptive” Galaxy army has hit, a new smartphone and in-Gear matesThe 5.1″ Full HD SUPER AMOLED Galaxy S5 super phone has loads of cool features like IP67 sandproof and waterproof, 16MP camera with detection auto-focus, and better battery life – 21 hours talk time, and fingerprint identity scanner.

But S5 is more than just a mobile. It’s a lifestyle coach with updated S Health apps, a digital wallet with tap n pay mobile payments (for Westpac and CBA customers), and is fashion conscious with an army of cool covers to clothe the 5th Gen Galaxy. 5 comes in new trendy colours and a shimmering perforated back, making it slightly sexier than predecessors..
The new Galaxy S5 technology is a “disruptive breakthrough” says Arno Lenoir, Samsung Chief Marketing Officer, who notes camera, fitness functions, mobile payments and design are now must-have’s for smartphone consumers.  
Unveiled in Sydney last night, S5 will be hitting the shelves on April 11 for RRP $929 outright (Telstra selling it for $912). The Gear watches (Gear 2, Neo and Fit) start at $249-$369. Pre-orders and plan options open at all telcos today, for what is likely to be one of the hero smartphones of 2014. 
Jack Kwon, Samsung Australia President, Lenoir, as well as a sprinkling of gloss from celebs like champion surfer Sally Fitzgibbon, snowboarder Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin and Bondi Rescue ‘Hoppo’, all en force at the S5 launch event held at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, last night.
A fitting place for the launch of the shimmering Galaxy S5 and new Gear ‘fashtronics’ watches, Samsung pulled out of the bag which it hopes will give it the competitive edge, once more. 
But it was a more reassured ‘team Samsung’ hit the stage this time round compared to previous gigs, appearing more comfortable in its place at the head of the mobile race. 
“We’re in a highly competitive marketplace,” said Lenoir, adding the company was “blown away” by Australia’s uptake of its smartphone and tablet devices.
He said Samsung’s Galaxy mobiles were at the forefront of the “continuous growth”, that has propelled it to becoming the world’s biggest phone maker.
The Galaxy S5 is now a better lifestyle coach and updated S Health apps 3.0 with a comprehensive personal fitness tracker and food diary, and a heart rate sensor located at the back. S Health 3.0 allows pair S5 with with Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo smartwatches and the Gear Fit4 smart fitness band. 
You can also use S5 as a credit card to tap n pay for stuff at retailers, Westpac and CBA are already on board and Samsung say they are working with other major banks and has also hooked up with PayPal for online payments. 
The new Galaxy also works as a digital wallet to store tickets, vouchers, can register numerous cards and accounts on their compatible Samsung smartphone.
The phone has an iconic design but with a modern twist. Samsung will also be working with Moschino, Nicolas Kirkwood and local designers on funky phone covers and continues on its trendy journey, appealing to fashion conscious Gen Y’ers. 
Samsung Marketing boss also says the new Gear line up will put the Korean giant at the forefront of the wearable tech race, one that several vendors like Sony, LG and HTC are now dipping its toes in. 
He said the new Gear 2 represents “progress” with better battery life (3 times) changeable strap and comes in multiple colours so its fashtronics central. 
Samsung is working with local Aussie designers on developing some cool strap designs.
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