Samsung has provided further information about its Bixby-powered smart speaker, following a new patent published to the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). Following the comments of Samsung’s DJ Koh at MWC 2018, the device is set to launch in the second half of the year.

In comparison to current smart speakers, the device endeavours to be considerably more advanced, with seven microphones, a display screen, camera, and 360-degree rotating head.

First noticed by LetsGoDigitalthe Bixby-powered smart speaker automatically rotates to face incoming sound, which claims to offer better speech recognition.

The ‘speaker’ also allows users to browse the internet, check emails, access alarm and media player functionalities plus more.

samsung Samsung Set To Embrace All In One Voice Speakers

Disclosed in the patent, the device incorporates a touch screen, and could potentially include hover input similar to stylus interaction on Galaxy Note smartphones.

With an embedded camera, the screen will also feature facial recognition.

Set to further extend its connected home ecosystem, the speaker receives and sends data to other compatible smart devices e.g. a tablet or smartphone.

The patent also mentions Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS connection. A USB, HDMI and memory card may also be incorporated.

Commentators expect Samsung’s Bixby smart speaker to be the centre of its IoT home ecosystem.

Being a patent, consumers will have to wait and see what features eventually land on the device.

samsung 2 Samsung Set To Embrace All In One Voice Speakers

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