If CES trends are a noteworthy indicator of who is on top in the electronics game, the company that stands to gain most this year will be Samsung.

According to Webtrends, a company that tracks company mentions in tweets, social networking and blogs across the web, the consumer electronics companies at the forefront of everyone’s minds reveals that Samsung and Microsoft are the leaders of the pack.

After a multitude of product announcements, and a fun-filled keynote which involved several dance breaks looking into the new era of digital technology , Samsung was the number one mentioned company, with Microsoft coming a close second after Steve Ballmer also made a keynote speech on Wednesday. These two companies led the overall CES buzz with Google following as a close third.

In an interesting turn, Friday maked the first day that Apple was no longer a top 5 buzzed-about company at CES, despite them not attending the show at all, said Webtrends.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Samsung’s success came despite having no new  tablet announcements, only a couple of variations (4G LTE and Wi-Fi) on the Galaxy Tab.

Instead, Samsung’s keynote focused mostly on TV: 3DTV, plasma TV, smart TV, even a partnership with Adobe, DreamWorks Animation, Hulu and Time Warner Cable and Comcast to let users control their cable boxes from the Galaxy Tab in a curious, but impressive fashion, led by the presidetd of Samsung’s TV business, Boo-Keun Yoon. 

The company also had several other eye-catching products, including a 4G version of the Galaxy S smartphone and the first Surface table computer.


Meanwhile Samsung announced today that it has sold 10 million of its Android-powered Galaxy S smartphones, less than seven months after the device was launched in June 2010 – an average of 1.4 million devices per month.  

Tyler McGee, Vice President of Telecommunications, in Australia, said: “The Samsung GALAXY S has also achieved outstanding success in Australia. Since its launch…, we’ve seen strong consumer adoption with a consistent growth in sales.

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“The continuing demand has driven us to introduce a new white GALAXY S to the range, exclusive to Vodafone for the first 8 weeks, available January 12th.”


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