Even at face value, New York seems like the most obvious place on earth for Samsung to debut the Galaxy Note7.

With their ever-growing market share behind them, the South Korean giant are always looking to find ways of pushing out of the tech world and into the mainstream. 

Make no mistake, their lavish Galaxy Unpacked 2016 showcase was absolutely given the metropolitan backdrop so as to evoke Apple’s own lavish events.

They don’t just want to force the world to notice them, they want to force the world to notice how blatantly they’re willing to challenge Apple’s position.

What’s more, the context of the Note series itself only accentuates this.

It’s rare to find a trend in modern smartphones design that Apple didn’t start – and with the popularity of the phablet lying largely at Samsung’s feet, it’s the perfect tool to deploy for them. 

The company kicked off the event by officially revealing the Galaxy Note7, which they claim will set a new bar for large-screen mobile devices.

Samsung call it “a smartphone that truly thinks big.”

The key features here are biometric authentication that promises to further secure the Samsung platform, allowing you to use iris recognition to unlock your device and authenticate purchases made with Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass.

They claim the technology – which translates iris patterns into a digital signature – took five years to perfect and that they will be working with major banks to integrate it with mobile banking applications.

These hardware innovations, along with the new Samsung Knox and Secure Folder, promise an all-round more secure experience.

“The Galaxy Note7 combines productivity and entertainment, and strong security features. Powering a robust ecosystem, it is the ideal device for those who want to achieve more in life,” said DJ Koh, President of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics.

Note7 Spec 0728 Samsung Unpack Note 7 At New York Event

The other big improvements come on the entertainment side of things.

According to Samsung, “The Galaxy Note7 features a gorgeous, curved 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED screen delivering a bold and immersive picture on a smartphone.”

Like the recently released Galaxy S7 series (or at-least, most of it), the Note7 features a water resistant body and dual-pixel sensor enabled camera tech.

They promise “the device’s perfectly symmetrical front-to-back 3D curves create a balanced aesthetic, while its compact size allows for a more comfortable, ergonomic grip.”

It also boasts a CPU which is 30% more powerful than its predecessor and 64GB of RAM.

The company highlighted the device’s integration with the new Gear VR as an area where these display improvements will be most felt. 

“Whether it’s next level gaming or journeying to places users have never been before, there’s always something new to discover.”

The Note7 will also be the first Samsung smartphone to offer High Dynamic Range (HDR) video streaming capability for a richer, more realistic video streaming experience.

The company says they’ll be partnering with Amazon to bring more HDR-ready video content to smartphones.

Here’s how it compares to the previous Note:

Note 5 s7 Note 7 Comparison 0728 Samsung Unpack Note 7 At New York Event

Samsung have also made changes to the S-Pen, which now boasts a sharper pen tip and increased pressure sensitivity to replicate the ease and accuracy of a real pen.

Word is these changes will allow for a more delicate expression and more natural handwriting.

The improved S-Pen will also include a number of new features from translation tech to an eraser function.

Like the Note7, the S-Pen is water and dustproof.

Samsung’s Justin Denison took a moment here to dig at Apple, saying that “Unlike some companies, we don’t treat key innovations like accessories.”

It was far from the only rib at the Cupertino firm, with Denison assuring fans “we’re not going to move to a next-generation connector and leave you behind.”

Samsung are pushing the Galaxy Note7 as a phone designed to go everywhere and survive everything – and so they’re also throwing in a new wireless charger case called the Backpack.

It will be available in four colours – Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx.

The Galaxy Note7 will be available starting on August 19 and preorders will begin in most countries in a matter of days.

“The countdown the Note starts now,” Denison said.

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