Samsung Unveils OZ ‘Connected’ WiFi Home


Forget the living room, now Internet invades Aussie kitchens, laundry room.Samsung unveiled its Connected Home 2014 in Sydney as WiFi takes over the kitchen and laundry room appliances. 

The 2014 range were all on show last night with everything from robo vacuums to 15kg washer/dryers, dishwashers and ovens, have all been given the smart treatment, with WiFi capabilities. 
“The new line-up of premium Samsung home appliances will reinvent the category and showcase to consumers what it really means to have a truly connected home,” said Phil Newton, Corporate Vice President, Samsung Australia.
Samsung’s focus this year is on premium appliances that look fantastic but also feature amazing design advancements,he said. 
“From the innovative Food Showcase Refrigerator in the kitchen to the futuristic Super Capacity Washer with WiFi capability in the laundry – we believe these products will tick all the boxes for Australians.”
The company created its own Smart House in the very plush suburb of Vaucluse in Sydney’s East – decking every room out with its new appliances – from the kitchen to the living room and laundry area. Samsung has eschewed stuff like drawers, dials on washing machines, spin trays on microwaves and made dishwashers smarter to fit big pans, trays.  
Top chef Guillaume Brahimi from Bennelong restaurant at Sydney’s Opera House was also at work in the Samsung kitchen using its built in ovens, which he says makes for smarter, more efficient cooking.  
The hero device for this writer was the Samsung combination WiFi ready Powerbubble washer/dryer that holds an enormous 15kg load – 5kg more than the Aussie standard 10kg machine. 
It has a cool touchscreen 8″ Full Touch LCD Screen that looks like a Samsung tablet. 
There was so many cleaning options, cycles on this tres sophisticated black machine, which can also be controlled via your phone or tablet. It was probably one of the most impressive things we’ve seen in a while.  
The black beauty doesn’t have a price tag yet but if you’ve a big family this could be worth it.  
Key features: 
– Powerbubble – wash up to 15kg 
– Built-in Condensor Dryer with 8kg load capacity 
– WiFi Smart Control & Smart Check 
– Auto Dosage Detergent Dispenser
Click to enlargeSamsung’s other hero washer which it unveiled last night was the 9kg Front Load (WW9000) Washer.
The classy looking white 8kg front load machine has a minimalist look but has high performance with WiFi and a 5 inch full touch LCD screen, that looks like a Galaxy S3 is on top of the machine. 
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Samsung have also innovated on the door design and made it lighter but larger 360mm wide door, with 170 degree opening. The Korean maker has also dumped traditional dials and detergent drawers on these new washers – the latter is now located inside the door, on a container that pulls out.  

Refrigerators – The Food Showcase
 And now to Samsung’s kitchen. First off, Samsung kept with the stainless steel look for its new line up, and unveiled a new SodaStream fridge and side by side model, called The Food Showcase. 

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Thei top end model gives access to most used items such as milk and drinks from the outside ShowCase door. There’s still the same large depth at the back to store main food items, and All Around Cooling technology – to keep your grub fresher for longer. 

Samsung’s four-door refrigerator has  fresh sparkling water on tap, powered by SodaStream. The new sparkling water model is counter depth, to fit a wide range of kitchen sizes, middle counter-height draw with four flexible compartments, good to store items such as fruit drinks and snacks.



Another big standout from the Samsung connected house was the Motion Sync Upright Vacuums which magically turns into a detachable handheld that will clean the stairs or do other annoying corners. 

It has nine inner chambers that separate dust and debris from the air Cyclone Force Multi Chamber. As a whole unit, the hybrid vacuum provides powerful cleaning on multiple floor types. 

There’s also a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Air conditioning – Samsung AR5000 Air Conditioner 

This white WiFi connected air baby has a 14 metre throw whether you want hot or cold air. 

Temperature can also be adjusted from anywhere via AR5000’s WiFi capabilities. Key features include: easy installation, quick filter removal and cleaning. A range of settings including Single User Mode. 


The dishwasher was also subject to Samsung’s smart tech looking to live by its mantra of making life easier. 

This newbie features a removable cutlery tray which fits neatly back into your kitchen drawer, after being washed. Very clever. 

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The detachable Cutlery Tray located on top means you can adjust the space if you require more. The 15 Place Setting Dishwasher fit all types of pots and pans (no shoving or shifting required) with its massive 36cm Big Dish load capacity. 

Its Storm Wash cleaning system eschews the need for pre-rinsing before loading. There is also a smaller version of this machine without the removable cutlery track that comes in white. 



Samsung also showed off two 32 litre convection microwaves ovens and two built in with the help of top chef, Guillaume Brahimi who gave the media a quick cooking demo.

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Samsung’s 32L Convection Microwave Black Finish (MC324GAKCBB) has an uber cool handle at the top like a regular oven with Steam Cooking and Slim Fry function which combines the grill and circulating warm air to crisp food using minimal oil. Also, forget about the traditional spin tray – Samsung has replaced it with a white glass with an easy to clean surface. 

The microwaves come with a ceramic non-stick, scratch resistant interior as well as a cool 10 year warranty.

Samsung’s 32L Convection Microwave (MC32F6C6TCT) has Smart Multi Sensor function helps minimise over/under cooking. It also includes the Slim Fry function and Ceramic Inside as per previous model. 

Finally, to the built-ins 

Neo 70L Dual Cook Oven and the Neo 50L Dual Cook Oven lets you prepare two different dishes, at different temperatures at the same time. 

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Key features: 

– 33 convenient cooking functions and 25 auto cook programs 

– Pro Roasting Mode which sears and seals-in juices 

– Pyrolytic Clean which super heats the oven, burning off grease and grime 

The smaller Neo 50L Compact Steam Oven combines the functionality of a conventional oven and a steamer.

Key Features:

 – Easily select from 21 built in cooking functions and 40 auto cook programs 

– sizeable 50L to fit large sized dishes

 – Built-in Steam Clean Function 
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