Samsung has recently unveiled its T10 MP3 player, an 8mm thin MP3 player that comes with a two-inch LCD screen, has Bluetooth capabilities, and has an enhanced battery life.

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Samsung’s T10 MP3 player
Samsung also claims that its MP3 player brings together all of the modern applications consumers look for in an MP3 player including video player, FM radio, photo album, voice recorder, text reader, and up to 30 hours battery life for music or four hours of video.
Samsung Electronics Australia’s General Manager for AV Marketing, Mark Beard said, “Over the last year, Samsung MP3’s have significantly grown in popularity in Australia and now boast four models that are among the top ten biggest selling MP3 players. This makes Samsung Australia’s second most popular MP3 brand. Considering Samsung’s manufacturing prowess, we believe our innovative product range and unique design is going to continue to resonate with consumers who demand more features without any compromise on price or style. The Samsung T10 is set to further cement Samsung’s emerging popularity in this market.”

Samsung is also offering consumers complete freedom from wires with its Bluetooth functionality and claims to even support two Bluetooth headsets and earphones simultaneously so that three people can listen to music or watch movie footage at the same time.

In addition, the T10 has touch-sensitive controls that illuminate once the player is turned on and an animated user interface makes the menu fun and simple to navigate. The T10’s preset equaliser allows consumers to customise their personal settings. Moreover, various music files like MP3, WMA and OGG audio files are supported through the T10’s Digital Natural Sound engine (DNSe) surround sound system, which guarantees a more natural experience by optimising sound quality, the company says.

Samsung Electronics Australia’s Digital AV Product Manager, Sagar Dave said, “Samsung’s T10 MP3 player is packed full of multi-media features giving consumers a real choice when it comes to choosing an MP3 player to fit their lifestyle. If you like listening to music at the gym but don’t like having to hold or strap your MP3 player to your body then the T10’s wireless Bluetooth headset is perfect for you . If you travel around on public transport, watching video footage has never been this easy and fun – the T10 really is the ultimate in portable entertainment.”

See: www.samsung.com.au/mp3

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