SanDisk has introduced the Extreme IV CompactFlash digital film card for professional photographers. The company claims it is the highest performance card in the world, with 40 MB per second minimum read and write speeds (266X).

Designed specifically for photographers seeking the largest capacities for medium format and high-end digital SLR cameras, the Extreme IV cards come in capacities of up to 8 GB. They also claim to withstand temperatures from minus 25? C to plus 85? C. The cards come with RescuePro software for recovering lost data or images, which is compatible for both Mac and Windows platforms. SanDisk has also introduced the Extreme FireWire reader to transfer images from the Extreme IV cards to a computer at up to a claimed 40 MB per second.

“The new SanDisk Extreme IV CompactFlash card and SanDisk Extreme FireWire reader offers photographers a number of key benefits. First of all, the new cards are twice the speed of the current SanDisk Extreme III cards and offer performance that is ideal for medium format cameras, digital backs and other high-resolution cameras that require the combination of high performance and large capacities. In addition, they are available in industry-leading capacities so that photographers can capture a larger number of RAW or other high-resolution images. Lastly, photographers can quickly transfer gigabytes of images from the card to the computer for greatly increased workflow efficiency, an important consideration when working under deadline pressures,” said SanDisk’s Tanya Chuang.

The company also said it has worked closely with major camera manufacturers including Nikon, Cannon, Hasselblad, Leaf and Phase One, to ensure speed and compatibility of its cards.

Hasselblad’s Christian Poulsen, said “The speed and capacities of the removable storage cards can have a serious impact on the overall performance of Hasselblad cameras. Our most advanced digital camera is the Hasselblad H2D-39, the world’s first 39-megapixel digital auto-focus camera that can capture one image every two seconds. Using a SanDisk Extreme IV card, the initial burst rate is dramatically improved from 6 frames to 10 frames versus a SanDisk Extreme III card. This is a huge gain that can mean the difference between capturing the shot or not.”

For a limited time, the company will offer an introductory bundle pack that includes a 4GB SanDisk Extreme IV CompactFlash card and a SanDisk Extreme FireWire reader. They will be available from the third quarter of this year, with pricing details to follow. The Extreme IV cards carry a lifetime limited warranty.

The company will continue to offer the SanDisk Extreme III and SanDisk Ultra II lines. 

See: www.sandisk.com

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