Schaub Lorenz’s 42 inch (106cm) LCD is directly challenging plasma at the $5999 price point, says distributor, International Dynamics.

It says the release of the Schaub Lorenz VMD 4200P LCD television signals a watershed period in the evolution of Australia’s flat-panel display market, which it says plasma has had a virtual monopoly hold on at this screen size.

International Dynamics says “From now on, consumers at this screen size will be faced with a choice of technologies. At the low end of the scale will be 480-line plasma screens, offering lower prices but also a lower resolution specification less than ideal for the demands of tomorrow’s media. At the top end of the scale will be high definition capable LCD and comparably priced plasma.

Picture quality will not be the only reason people will choose LCD over plasma. For some, the lower reflectivity characteristics that better LCD panels can offer will be enough reason alone. They will find an LCD TV can successfully operate in a sunlit room where a plasma panel will not.

In general, however, it will be a range of reasons why LCD can readily end up being preferred over plasma. Substantially lower power consumption, lower weight for greater ease of wall mounting, and less susceptibility to burn-in are just to name a few.

It is also expected that, as consumers become more educated, performance durability will become a key consideration. For unlike a plasma panel, an LCD panel can be expected to maintain its performance as reasonably close to showroom standard for the lifetime of the product.”

International Dynamics says the VMD 4200P offers a unique advantage over other LCD televisions in its price range in the form of the inclusion of the Viewell Engine. Originally developed as military and medical imaging technology, International Dynamics says this is an image-enhancing picture processor that provides multiple contextual reference points in terms of shading (large kernel operation). It says the difference this makes to picture quality is instantly demonstrable on screen and claims images look more three-dimensional, contrast is improved, colours are more credible and details appear better defined. It says the Viewell Engine’s effect can be observed on one half of the screen for a direct comparison.

A free High Definition set-top box (valued at $799) is included at no charge as an introductory offer.

Price:  $5999

See www.internationaldynamics.com.au


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