One of the weapons that Samsung Australia will use in their TV battle with Sony and LG running into the peak Xmas New Year period has been revealed in the US overnight with the unveiling of a new 8500 series of FullHD 1080p LCD TVs with full-array LED backlighting and new Internet connectivity.

The new Samsung TV’s which will come in 46″ and 55″ sizes are only 1.6″ inches thick due to the use of  edge-LED lighting to achieve a new panel depth.

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New Samsung 8500 LED TV

The dynamic contrast ratio of both models is rated at a 7,000,000:1. Panel response time for the 8500 series is listed at 2ms, which when combined with the company’s Auto Motion Plus 200Hz frame interpolation technology reduces blurring in fast motion scenes.

Samsung officials claim that it is significantly better at deliver a sharper picture than Sony’s new Motion Flow technology, while also delivering low power usage due to an optimised energy-savings mode that adjusts the backlight and picture quality without sacrificing the overall viewing experience.

Samsung said that their new LED technology delivers a more uniform illumination across the full width of the frame, and improves black levels, contrast and colour saturation through the use of new Samsung dimming technology.
This technology is able to generate truer blacks by dimming or turning off specific clusters of white LEDs in the darker portions of the picture. Conventional CCFL and edge-lit LED lighting keeps the backlight at a constant level, leaving LCD cells to act as valves to reduce the brightness in the picture. Usually some light leaks through, reducing contrast performance.

The new TV is also designed to deliver external content over the Internet with the inclusion of Samsung’s Media 2.0 software that links directly with Internet@TV which is a new content service developed in association with Yahoo! to provide onscreen access to popular Web-based multimedia sites, including Yahoo! Flickr, video, news, weather and finance) as well as online sites such as Twitter, YouTube and others.


The widgets-based interface and scrollbar are activated with the push of a button and run along the bottom of the screen for easy browsing of the latest programs and content available. Content partners will be continuously added or removed remotely as new partnerships are formed and consumer usage demands.

The Media 2.0a suite provides wired and wireless DLNA compatibility to enable the TVs to access photos, music and videos from networked PCs. Preloaded photos, artwork, games and recipes are also included for entertaining, and two USB 2.0 connections can be used for playing a plethora of video, photo and audio files from portable devices, including external hard memory.

The sets ships with a crystal-neck swivel stand and includes four HDMI-CED inputs, one set of component inputs, two  USB 2.0 inputs, one Ethernet jack, one optical audio output and one PC input.

Australian pricing has not been announced.

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