Here’s a neat home security product that will forever eliminate the question “honey, where did I put my keys?” – the TOCA fingerprint recognition system by ekey.

ekeyTOCAhome is a physical access control product for inside and outside use that can be integrated into any home, business or factory.  The system simply requires you to swipe your fingerprint over the sensor to allow keyless entry into your home.

The product claims to recognise the minutiae in fingerprint images and record this data into a template (with a tiny storage space of under 1KB per fingerprint). However, for security purposes it is not possible to work backwards and create a fingerprint from the template.

For extra peace of mind ekey’s sensor resolution is also in compliance with the FBI Image Quality Specification (IQS) using a swipe sensor so you don’t leave a print behind which could be used for unauthorised  access. It can store up to 99 fingerprints.

ekey’s Thomas Rauscher said  “Fingerprint technology was selected for various reasons as the current best biometric method for the ekey system. The sensors have already been priced in a range that makes them highly affordable. In addition, fingerprint recognition is an active process, which means that a human finger must be consciously placed on a defined surface. For example, other systems can identify users against their will or without letting them know that they are being identified.”

Rauscher also claims configuring your system takes only a few minutes and can be done by using the four button matrix on the controller. So you don’t need a PC or a technician to do the programming for you. However, it is available in a PC version, you enrol and delete fingerprints using Windows based software which creates an access log in Excel. For system availability during black outs, ekey recommends battery back up.

The sensor is available in anthracite or white with stainless steel or gold plated cover options and is installed in wall.  The output of the controller is 1 or 3 potential free dry contacts, allowing you to operate it as a stand alone unit or integrate with an existing control system.

iQhome’s Ian Clarke said he chose the ekey system to integrate into iQhome’s home control system because “it can initiate actions performed by the home automation system.

“The iQhome system provides the greatest number of security and home automation actions in a single integrated system.  Using a single system reduces interfacing and installation issues, which allows the integrator to provide a highly functional and cost effective solution for their customer.  This enhances the benefit of purchasing the eKey system. For example the iQhome system can respond to the input initiated by the eKey to perform any type of security event, operate various doors and gates, lighting control of systems such as  Clipsal C-Bus, Dynalite, HPM iControl, X10/A10, EIB, and others. It can send infra red signals, or serial data to control entertainment systems, or heating and cooling systems. It can also make voice announcements on any keypad/intercom around the home or office.”

RRP: from $880

See: www.ekoimports.com

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