Audio giant claims to have DJ sound perfected in its new cans

Sennheiser’s new range of pro DJ and Mixing headphones have been developed with top DJ’s like Bob Sinclar, Luciano, Andy Baxter.

The 3 new cans for DJ’s – Sennheiser HD8 DJ, HD7 DJ and the HD6 MIX are designed for hardcore pro environments, and draw on the HD 25’s. 

The DJ cans will be available in the coming weeks, in specialist dealers and some models will be in JB Hi-Fi.  

The HD8 and HD7 are built for DJ’s on the decks, with swiveling ear cups with up to 210 degree movements and three different wearing positions. The elliptical shape of the ear cups and interchangeable ear pads are designed for comfy use over long hours.

jythplqw embeded image 2 Sennheiser Can DJ Sound

HD8 DJ has both coiled and straight 3m high-performance cables included that can connect to either ear cup. 

HD6 MIX is built for in studio music creation, with balanced sound for mixing and monitoring work, and have metal-crafted reinforcement parts with a metal pivot ring. 

The higher end HD8 DJ have RRP of $499.95, HD7 DJ $429.95, while HD6 MIX cost $369.95.  

In an interview with CN, last week, Daniel Sennheiser, Co-Ceo of the German audio giant said 80% of major DJs use Sennheiser headphones, even if they endorse another headphone brand. 
“We’re very close partners with major DJ’s but are not licensing their names,” unlike some rivals. 

“Even some DJ’s that endorse other brands actually still use our products when they are not seen, or (sometimes) even when they are,” he added. 

“We don’t have to buy their name, its not our approach…we already have our name on the product,” – enough for any audiophile in the know. 

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Most pro DJs already use headphones like the HD25 and HD8’s and the company uses their input on sounds and functionality. 

“We’ll never compromise on the quality of products and we learned the style part in the last couple of years,” said Co-CEO Andreas Sennhesier, pointing to the new Momentum line.  

“Sennheiser stands for true audio quality and substance with style” admitting the style part was “tricky” for the audio engineers to get our heads around, at first.

The new DJ headphones offer replaceable parts and at least five years parts availability guarantee even after end-of-life. 


Key features: 

. Excellent sound reproduction with Sennheiser’s proprietary acoustics system 
. Capable of very high SPLs, suitable for DJ performance environments 
. DJ models: impedance of 95 ohms for optimum compatibility with DJ equipment 
. Monitoring model: impedance of 150 ohms for optimum compatibility with studio and mixing equipment 
. Elliptical, circumaural design for maximum comfort and excellent noise isolation; both DJ models feature swivelling ear cups (up to 210 degrees) with three wearing positions 
. Single-sided coiled cable attachable to either ear cup; additional straight cable included (both up to 3m); oxygen-free copper cable with gold-plated connectors; bayonet twist lock for secure connection 
. All models come with interchangeable sets of ear pads to choose from; one in soft velour, the other in leatherette material. 
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