Manufactured and hand-assembled in Germany, Sennheiser’s new set of headphones have an excellent sound quality, combined with patented technology that will make them one of the more popular high-end headphones, according the manufacturer.

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Thought by some to be the best headphones in the world, the HD800 certainly give a crisp, clean sound that balances out nicely when listening to classical, jazz and rock music. Sitting comfortably on the ears, the units tended to block out outside noise, even though they do not have noise-cancelling technology.

The key components of the HD 800 are a new of transducer and innovative ear cup. Measuring 56 mm, the transducer is the largest that can currently be found in a dynamic head-phone. In simple terms: the more transducer surface area that vibrates, the purer the headphone sounds at low frequencies.

However, transducers with a large surface area have the disadvantage that, at high frequencies, undesired resonances occur at the diaphragm, resulting in distortions in sound reproduction. The new design principle of the HD 800 resolves this dilemma. The result means the HD 800 has brilliant trebles, precise bass reproduction and an exceptionally clear sound image. The frequency response is an unprecedented 6 to 51,000 Hertz.

Audio recordings do not become a true listening experience until we they are perceived with spatial extension – as if we were sitting in a concert hall or listening to a live jazz session.

“Today, most music is made to be reproduced by two loudspeakers, which form an equal-sided triangle together with the listener. This results in a sound field close to the ears that is at a slight angle to the head,” says Sennheiser designer Axel Grell. This causes the sound to be reflected into the ear canal with slight time differences. The HD 800 simulates this effect by directing the sound wave to the ear at an angle of 45 degrees.

The unit’s circumaural ear cups fit comfortably around the ears without aggressive lateral pressure for hours of music enjoyment. The material used for the ear pads is Japanese Alcantara, which is particularly friendly to the skin and easy to clean. All other materials have also been carefully selected – not least to optimally support the acoustical properties of the HD 800.


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