The DECK is the clever wireless Bluetooth speaker designed by SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola, keeps racking up the accolades. Its legion of fans delight in pointing out the wee DECK which is about the size of a PSP games console generates a huge, room-filling sound.

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Using advanced sound shaping technology, the compact and portable DECK sounds crystal clear regardless of your position in a room. Which is a dandy feature for a party or for when you’re just lounging around having a few drinks with friends in your patio, backyard or outdoor DECK area.

Speaking of friends, they’ll love your DECK’s HEIST MODE which allows up to five people pair their compatible devices simultaneously so they can also choose to dip into their own playlists.

And speaking of pairing, the DECK uses voice prompts telling you your smartphone or tablet is paired – and how much power the DECK’s battery has left. There’s even better news for owners of NFC enabled devices such as the Moto X and Galaxy S4. They can simply tap the DECK with these devices to pair them.

The DECK has bundles of features including a microphone, input and output connections, volume controls as well as a multifunction button with the Motorola logo, which is used to pause and play your tracks. Taking the DECK outside is a cinch. Simply Pressing the Outdoor Mode button boots the sound so it can be heard clearly from a distance. Outdoor use is a cinch Perfectly designed, the DECK weighs 326 grams, has a wireless range of about 92 metres and comes in four street-friendly colours – lemon lime, gunmetal, blue or red.


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