With the buzz surrounding LED televisions, it comes as no surprise that Sharp has just announced a range of new Aquos televisions including a number of LED backlit models.

Called the LE700 series in the US, the panels will use a full-array style LED backlighting and will be available in 52, 46, 40 and 32 inch variants.  Each will be 1080p with 10bit processing and high contrast ratios up to 2000000:1.  They will all be 120Hz models and have a refresh rate of 4ms.

As with other LED televisions, it will also have a thin design and be very energy efficient . According to Electronista, the “52-inch model is said to consume 105W, approximately 68-percent below Energy Star 3.0 guidelines. The LED technology is also mercury-free, while extending the lifespan to an estimated 100,000 hours”.

We spoke to Sharp in Australia who confirmed these panels will be making their way to our shores in the coming months but no pricing has been announced as yet.  There will also be a new 60 and 65 inch LCD television as well which was also announced.

These models will hopefully revitalise Sharp as a brand since the once mighty Japanese giant has lost quite a bit of profile in the last year with competitors like Samsung, Sony and LG bringing new technologies to market faster.  By introducing LED they have a chance of taking back some lost ground but it will greatly depend on how they position their models and what advertising initiatives they put into play.

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