Sharp has released a new range of ‘Four Door French Design’ refrigerators, which it says is all about style, storage and energy-efficiency.

The Four Door French Design fridges feature a 770mm internal shelf width – ideal for party platters and large containers, and tempered glass shelves which can be height-adjusted to store tall items such as birthday cakes.

The lower portion of the fridge is subdivided into drawer-type cases designed specifically for fruit and veggies.

One of the smarter features of the Four Door French Design range is the two-door freezer compartment, which allows you to open one section at a time, reducing cold air loss and thus improving the fridge’s efficiency.

You can control the fridge’s operating conditions using the LCD display which Sharp says is both informative and easy to use.

“We believe that these refrigerators will revolutionise refrigeration and kitchen styling. With Sharp’s unique Four Door French Design, these refrigerators have been designed for easy access to the whole refrigerator and to conserve energy,” said Sharp’s Denis Kerr.

The new refrigerator range is available in 653 L or 602 L models. They are available in three finishes: stainless steel (with finger mark and stain resistance), silver or white.


653L models:
SJF65PSSL (Stainless Steel)             $3849
SJF65PCSL (Silver)                           $3299
SJF65PCWH (White)                         $2969

602L models:
SJF60PSSL (Stainless Steel)             $3629
SJF60PCSL (Silver)                           $3079
SJF60PCWH (White)                         $2749

See: www.sharp.net.au


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