As politicians look at legislating to get better power efficiency in both homes and commercial businesses control, companies like AMX, Lutron, Switch Automation, Control4 and Crestron are starting to ramp up new software offerings that allow users to better manage power and water usage however this is not enough says Australian automation Company Switch Automation.

They claim that what is needed is incentives for people to move to automation systems that allow for easier control of energy devices.  They also believe that  building regulations should be changed so that all homes and commercial offices are built with an automation system that incorporates the ability to better manage all process including water  management and energy use.

Last night Control4 announced that they were teaming up with software developers GridPoint to integrate new energy management devices  into their automation system.

The new offering allows users  to easily control their lighting, thermostat, sprinklers, electronic shut-offs and other features through a single in-home display.

Deb Noller a director at Switch Automation an Australian Company said “It is essential that any automation management system incorporates an energy management control offering. As we move forward there is going to be big demand for energy management software that delivers energy usage intelligence on both devices and automation process. What the Federal Government should be doing is incentivising consumers and business to buy automation systems for homes and offices as this will allow for better energy and water use management .”


“We also need Governments to consider the changing of building regulations so that in all States in the future all new homes and commercial buildings  include an automation system.that. This I believe will add considerable to the lowering of both water and power usage. These systems do not need to be expensive as we are currently moving into an environment where wireless and power line technology which eliminates the need for cables can be used effectively with an automation management system.”

The new Control4  thermostat and in-home display will be integrated in the GridPoint Platform, initially in the USA. This is a software infrastructure that enables electric utilities to deliver energy efficiency, load management, renewable energy management and electric vehicle management solutions.

The collaboration will be tested in a number of trials in 2009, and will provide utilities with energy efficiency and load management solutions.

For example, customers signing up for discounted services may allow the utility to cut power to appliances such as a clothes washer or drier during times of peak energy use. Control4 will provide the real-time information and control within homes, while GridPoint’s technology spreads this functionality to all a utility’s homes to provide a more balanced and efficient supply of electricity.

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