Sagem have brought out a mid-priced slide phone that features built-in i-Mode, Doja 1.5 gaming capabilities and an LCD screen capable of displaying 65 536 colours.

The SG343i’s i-mode is claimed to be the first of its kind in a slider-phone and at 85 x 42 x 23 mm and weighing 85grams would be quite snugly in the pocket.  The 128 x 160 pixel LCD can fit up to six lines of text which may be a limitation when viewing i-mode internet options. The phone does have built-in fax/data functions and includes multimedia messaging. It also features General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and comes with a 2X camera zoom with CMOS VGA definition.

Ringtone melodies include Hi-Fi and polyphonic tunes which can be downloaded from www.planetsagem.com and can also let users view and download hot wallpaper designs. Internal memory is limited to 3.7Mbs and is claimed to store 35 photos in high-quality mode.

All up, the Sagem SG343i is a handy little slide-phone that doesn’t exactly match the Blackberry (what does?), but is great for messaging, calling, mild-internet use and taking snapshots when necessary.

Price: $349
See www.sagem.com.au



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