Sony is set to roll out a new Blu-ray notebook that is currently the smallest and lightest in the world.

Vaio TT Series
The new Vaio TT series (Premium Carbon, Black, Gold and Red) comes with both Blu-ray reading and writing capabilities, is loaded with Intel’s Centrino 2 technology, and supports dual-channel DDR3 memory. In addition, Sony claims that its LCD is capable of reproducing 16.7 million colours with 100 percent gamut ratio and 8-bit colour, and is also resistant to scratches.

In addition, the unit also comes built-in with noise-cancelling functions (through dedicated headphones), and sports energy-saving technologies such as an ambient light sensor and quick charge battery function.

Sony Australia’s Channel Manager for Vaio, Jun Yoon said, “VAIO has a proud tradition of releasing world first technologies and the VAIO TT series notebook is another chapter in this impressive story of innovation. We have built a reputation on the quality of our workmanship and technology development, and Blu-ray coupled with our LCD display quality and audio-visual features continue our leadership in high definition innovation. Combined with the stylish CS and three new AV/IT-focused PCs, this is the most exciting blend of entertainment and technology yet.”


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Sony Vaio CS Series
Sony has also introduced the CS, AW, LV, and JS series of notebooks, diversifying the Vaio range and giving users more products to choose from.

VAIO CS series (Gloss White, Gloss Red, Gloss Pink, Gloss Bronze, Gloss Black and Matte Black)

The new CS series of notebooks is an ‘intelligent’ notebook that lights up with your touch. A full colour LED and new touch sensor mean the CS responds when you touch its cover.

A Vaio software that ‘uses powerful built-in intelligence to organise your digital world creatively for maximum enjoyment’ is also included in this range, which automatically categorises entire music collections, adds special effects to your slides shows, and even gives you a soundtrack for every part of the day with its ‘Vaio MusicBox.’

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Vaio AW Series
VAIO AW series (Premium Black and Titanium Grey)

The new AW17 comes with an 18.4-inch diagonal and Full HD resolution screen, as well as an RGB LED backlighting system to give you the best colours possible.

Serious photographers and owners of HD camcorders will instantly appreciate the absolute colour fidelity on offer – full coverage of the Adobe RGB colour space delivers the total accuracy essential for perfect editing.

The low end AW15 model delivers Blu-ray playback capability supported by Dolby Home Theatre audio signal processing and 2.1 channel speakers complete the mini-cinema effect, with enhanced bass from the integrated sub-woofer and immersive surround sound. Both AW models feature HDMI output.


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Vaio LV
VAIO LV series – (Silver)

The VAIO LV features a high definition ultra-bright screen with multiple lamp technology, comes integrated with a Blu-ray disc drive with read/write capability, and an ergonomic ‘Zero Degree’ stand that allows the screen to be set fully vertical.

The unit also comes with an integrated digital/analogue TV tuner and is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor for optimum performance.

The Vaio LV can also be used as an external monitor without booting into the Windows operating system, allowing a user to watch or play games instantly.

VAIO JS series – (Silver, Pink and Brown)

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Vaio JS
According to Sony, the JS series is an ideal PC for modern living as it is only 15.7cm in depth. The sleek, simply designed body can be placed anywhere in the home, without taking up a lot of space on a desk or a table. The independent keyboard and mouse have also been designed to match the screen and are easy to hold and use.

An NVIDIA 9300M GS GPU external graphics chip provides faster, higher quality graphics with smooth video playback. The JS series incorporates high quality video and audio technology including Dolby Home Theatre, Video Optimiser, two 2.5W internal speakers and a colour mode setting. It also contains a Motion Eye web camera and Bluetooth capability.

Availability and Pricing:

Sony Vaio TT Series (Available October 16, 2008)
TT17: $3,999
TT15: $2,999

Sony Vaio CS Series (Available October 23, 2008)
CS16: $1,699
CS15: $1,499

Sony Vaio AW Series (Available October 23, 2008)
AW17: $3,999
AW15: $2,599

Sony Vaio LV Series (Available October 16, 2008)
LV17: $2,999

Sony Vaio JS Series (Available October 16, 2008)
JS15: $1,799

See: www.sony.com.au

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