Smart Cars are about to talk back, or text back at least, with the launch of BeepMe this month.

BeepMe is the result of the convergence of the two mobile marketers, Smartpilots and Beepcast. The service will give consumers the opportunity to interactively communicate with advertisers using short SMS codes featured alongside the advertisement on Smartpilots Smart Cars.

Beepcast claims that this is a way for consumers to instantly attain any additional information about the product “Without having to remember Website addresses, phone numbers or dates written on the ads.”

The company also claims that this service will allow advertisers to keep closer tabs on consumers and “Track the effectiveness of promotional campaigns.”

However, the company guarantees that consumers have complete control over what information they will receive and will not receive any unsolicited SMS. The cost of sending the SMS will be a standard text rate of 25 cents.

See www.beepme.net

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