Electrolux has launched a smart new two-in-one vacuum cleaner that is designed to replace your broom to do the quick, ‘in-between’ cleans around the home.

The Ergorarapido is a rechargeable stick-design vacuum cleaner with a vacuum-within-vacuum design. It has an integrated handheld (dustbuster) vacuum, that you can click out to use separately. The vacuum cleaner is bagless, as the dirt collects in the cavity of the handheld.

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With a full charge, the vacuum cleaner will last for about 20 minutes’ use. “This sounds like a small amount of time, but is actually plenty of time for quickly picking up all the little spills that occur in the house – especially with kids around,” said Electrolux’s Bianca Speller.

The details in the Ergorapido design are particularly neat – there is rubber grip strip along the back of the stick which stops the vacuum from slipping. And in terms of maintenance, the dust cup can either be removed to be emptied, or you can connect the hose of your regular vacuum cleaner to suck up the contents. The filter itself, which can often be a real pain to clean, has a little spring handle which you pull and release to project the dust back into the dust container.  

The vacuum cleaner comes in four colours which Electrolux says were based on new trends in interior design decoration, automotive and electronics. But if you’re not convinced, you can always keep it tucked away in the cupboard once it’s charged. It is available from November.

RRP: $199

See: www.electrolux.com.au

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