Genisys Automation system owners can remotely alter home systems over the Internet or by SMS, including, air-conditioning, security and other home applications.

Imagine being able to water your garden in Sydney, whilst trekking in the Blue Mountains. Imagination has become reality as such with the Genisys Automation system.

Genisys’ Kevin Aquillina said the system is quick and simple to use: “You can set up a program on any remote desktop, which takes about 1.5 minutes to set up. You set up a router and there is, of course, a password so nobody can just jump on”. The system allows users the flexibility to alter their preferences with a minimum of fuss. Aquillina said “It saves people from having to call in advanced programmers every time they want to change their preference. It’s easy to use and is just like a windows version of a scroll down menu. You just change the functions at the click of a button.” Genisys Automation works with Dynalite, which designs and manufactures technology solutions for lighting control and building automation applications and the Genisys allows changes from up to 40 points in the home with the Dynalite system.

The SMS control of the home automation system integrates a GPRS modem, which allows users to operate their air-conditioning, lighting, curtain control etc by text message. Users can send a message from a mobile phone and can also determine the status (on or off) of a particular room, for example. If a command is not understood by the system, a reply will be relayed back by SMS with a list of choices.

The at-home user can of course manually control the system via the software on any PC in the home, or configure the functionality of the switch plate buttons throughout the home. “Genisys also provides for an unlimited combination of tasks to be scheduler-controlled, using features such as its highly sophisticated integrated time clock, which knows the exact time of sunrise/sunset for any day of the year using longitude and latitude coordinates”.

Cost: POA (Genisys assures us that any hardware costs will quickly be recovered in programming and design, and ongoing editing, savings).

See www.genisysautomation.com.au


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