SmartHouse Magazine has started the year by launching two new products. SmartHouse Ideas a new advertorial service that highlights installations and homes and an email pipeline service for both CE resellers and consumers.

Participants in the SmartHouse, Smart Ideas program will be able to get exposure across 4Square Media Magazines, web sites and Smart Idea specials. The program centres around 4Square Media producing a series of advertorials on homes and technology. 4square Media publishers of SmartHouse Magazine, also plan to launch a brand new web site with additional sections and later this year video streaming. Currently the SmartHouse Consumer web site is according to independent web monitoring group Omniture, attracting on average more than 150,000 unique visitors a month. On several occasions during December 2005 and January 2006 the site exceeded more than 350,000 page views with consumers staying on the site for up to 12 minutes. The bulk according to the Omniture reports stayed on for just under 7 minutes.

The growth claims 4SQM, is due to a dramatic expansion in broadband with many people now shopping online for information goods and services. Smarthouse Magazine which sold out in December 2005 now has a CAB Audited circulation of 29,338 which is an increase of 19% over the last audit period. This makes SmartHouse Magazine the #1 specialised lifestyle technology magazine in Australia. The December issue included the new Real HiFi section.

Publications that failed to be officially audited by the Australian Circulation Audit Board include: Luxury Homes, Sound & Image Magazine, and Australian Hi Fi Magazine, SmartHome Ideas, Geare Magazine and the Entertainment Buyers Guide.

The new SmartHouse reseller email pipeline service will be syndicated every day to more than 20,000 registered resellers of lifestyle technology including all CEDIA members and associated companies as well as electricians installing home automation equipment.

The consumer email pipeline will be syndicated to more than 50,000 consumers every week. This is an opt in service which will deliver information on new products and services as well as configuration help. Every one of the recipients has requested the newsletter. Sponsorship is available.

“Last year was a big year for SmartHouse Magazine we not only grew the magazine circulation but traffic to our web sites. Today we reach in excess of 210,000 consumers every month who are looking for information on lifestyle technology. A big contributor to the growth in circulation has been the success of Smarthouse Magazine at the 118 Newslink locations such as key airports. All our research shows that people travelling whether on a train or aeroplane buy a magazine to read” said 4Square Media CEO & Editorial Director David Richards.

He also said “The bulk of trades working in the CE reseller and solution provider market are now on broadband and this is allowing us to deliver an extensive daily news service as well as a daily email pipeline service. For vendors and distributors this means that we can reach them with targeted marketing and very quickly measure the results. During the next 12 months we will introduce several new services spanning web broadcasts, video and a series of seminars and conferences.” 

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