During the past seven months the SmartHouse web site has experienced explosive growth with over 1,000,000 unique consumers visiting the site to read over three million pages of information.

The SmartHouse web site has grown by over 114% since January 2007 according to two independent online research companies. Globally, according to Compete Online Research, SmartHouse has gone from being ranked 267,900 in the world to being ranked 171,261 as a comparison Gadget Guy is ranked at 618,401.

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According to Google Analytics the SmartHouse web site attracted over 1,173,594 unique visitors between January 07 and August 2007. More than 3,322,970 page views were achieved in the same period.  The average time spent by an individual on the SmartHouse web site was over six minutes according to Google Analytics.

In a head on comparison with Gadget Guy the SmartHouse web site according to Compete is attracting on average 7,764 unique visitors a day compared to Gadget Guy’s 1,621.

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New Horwitz site AVHub is still not ranking with Google due in part due to the design of their web site.
The #1 CE web site in Australia is still US owned CNet.








A recent SmartHouse research study showed that up to 68% of consumers who visited the SmartHouse web site in August 2007 did so prior to going out to buy a consumer electronic product. Among the most popular sections are Display, Automation, Sound (Real Hi Fi), Reviews, Home Cinema, Home Office, Automotive and Portable music and devices.

The core SmartHouse target audience has a high disposable income. 45% of the respondents have 80% or more of their income left to spend once they have paid living expenses.

With 65% of the Smarthouse readers the average age is 48. Their life begins at 40 because the kids are older, mortgage is paid off and they have a high income. They have an average net wealth of $2.8m, 57% say designer labels should not be seen, 32% are more likely to be careful with their money, 38% are more likely to say that brands they like should not be advertised. They are heavy users of the Internet and also view online and “Specialist” publications as a key source of information.

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