When people think of technologically advanced gadgets to fill up their new smart-houses, most don’t think fine-bone china.

However, Australian homewares designer Alex Liddy ‘s new range of kitchenware, Era is Evolution challenges the common notion of smart technology.

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The new range which includes everything from porcelain dinnerware and fine bone china to bakeware and utensils, is all about style and elegance, but also about functionality and durability.

“We have used the latest technological innovations to develop these products, making them sturdier, smash-resistant and more durable,” said Alex Liddy.

The porcelain used has been strengthened with polycrystal to increase its durability, while the fine bone china features a mix of real bone to add translucency and strength to the ceramic body. Liddy said this means the china can be quite delicate and fine, but strong enough to actually use on a regular basis. (Rather than sitting locked away in your cabinet).

Alex Liddy’s bakeware range also features a smart twist in the form of silicone -heat resistant to 240 degrees and much easier to clean and store. The Era pastry brush (for glazing, basting etc) is a personal favourite. This beauty has silicone “bristles” instead of the hair-like (paintbrush-type) bristles of a traditional brush. Much easier to clean and consequently much more hygienic. Smart!

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Also in the new range are a number of smart space-savers, including a collapsible colander, featuring a stainless steel base, and collapsible funnel. The usual line up of utensils has also had an upgrade with ergonomically designed handles to keep your grip.

Liddy offers a choice of organic design and form (think whites and greens) in her ceramic ware or retro colour brights in her bowls, brushes, collapsible funnels and garlic crushers.

Vitta II bone china 20 pce dinner set  $150
Melior utensils from $14
Cato funnels $9
Cato garlic twist $17

See: www.woh.com.au

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