Smeg’s induction wok has finally arrived on these shores, 12 months after it was first mooted. There are two models – either a stand alone concave wok plate, or as part of a four induction zone hob.

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Both appliances are presented as a piece of flat, high-sheen, black glass with sleek frameless edges. The concave wok cooking zone seamlessly integrated into the expanse of high-tensile glass.

The Smeg SIHP40WG4 measures 400mm (W) x 520mm (D) and houses a single wok induction zone that is operated by a touch control on the glass surface. There are nine power levels, a 99 minute timer and a minute minder.

The SIHP3WG4 is a four heat zone induction cook top that, as well as the 314mm diameter wok zone, incorporates three other cooking zones of varying size and intensity.  The spacing of the cooking zones – the centre of each is marked by a small white diamond – has been designed to ensure that the simultaneous use of a number of large, bulky pans is possible.

Smeg believes the demand for induction cook tops is attributable to both the practical and fuel efficient advantages these units possess.


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Both models feature automatic pan recognition instant heat, whereby heat is only generated to the exact size of the pan in use. In fact, independent tests have shown induction cooking to be 80-85 per cent efficient, whereas conventional electric ceramic cooking is 65-70 per cent efficient and gas up to 65 per cent. Cooking with induction is also up to 2.5 times faster than gas and does not produce any ambient heat in the kitchen environment.

Each cooking zones has a power boost whereby the maximum, regular power can be instantly boosted by up to another 1100 Watts. Safety controls include an automatic over-temperature shutdown, automatic stop-cook timers, automatic spillage or boilover shutdown, a lock selection and a residual heat selector.

Induction cooking delivers virtually instant heat that cooks by heating the cooking vessel and not the cooking surface.  Basically, the induction element generates a magnetic field that induces heat in steel cookware placed on top of it, which in turn heats the food inside it. 

The advantages of this method of cooking over conventional means are numerous.  The surface of the cooktop remains relatively cool (meaning kitchen temperatures are also cooler), the appliance responds to changes in power levels almost instantly and the use of energy is more efficient, says Smeg

SIHP40WG4 $3,290
SIHP3WG4 $4,190

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