Smeg has launched a $7600 deluxe barbecue that claims to be manufactured entirely from 18/10 stainless steel.

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According to the company, the Deluxe BQ90TA features the same styling as its Guildo Canali-designed multifunction ovens, is manufactured entirely from 18/10 grade stainless steel (including all hinges and rivets), has three horse-shoe burners that ‘ensures even heat distribution’. It also comes with two removable cartridges each comprising four ceramic plates that can be reversed to burn off food residue.  

Other features include a thermometer gauge from 0 to 300 Celsius, an elevated warming shelf, infinitely variable heat control and separate ignition for each burner, and three individual drainer trays (one beneath each burner).  There are also flash tubes between each burner (powered by a nine volt battery) to conserve ignition energy.

The barbecue also has a 5mm thick solid stainless steel hot plate, a full rotisserie and a full-depth smoke drawer in which soaked and flavoured wood chips can be added.

The Smeg BQ90TA barbeque is available nationally from appliance specialists and electrical retail outlets for about $6590.  The same model is also available mounted on a fully stainless steel trolley (BQ90TA/CA90TOP) with lockable forward castors, fold-out 520mm-wide benches and a storage basket and drawer – the retail price of this package is $7590.

The trolley is sold separately at $1290 and there is also a custom-designed blue vinyl barbecue cover that retails for $350.

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