Samsung’s push into the consumer lounge room continued today with the launch of 22 new smart TVs, offering refined features that the Korean giant has been perfecting over the last two years and aimed at keeping the company at the leading edge of consumer choice.

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Last week, Samsung was voted the best TV brand in consumer watchdog Choice’s 2011 Awards, a position which it is aiming to hold on to, and with plans to quadruple its business revenues over the next 10 years, said Lambro Skropidis, head of marketing at Samsung.

Overall in the AV industry, the company holds the top spot, a position it has held onto for the last five years.

Today it launched its flat panel offensive with 25 LED, 10 plasma and 6 LCD TVs. 22 of the new models incorporate the company’s Smart TV technology, with 24 giving full HD capability.

Samsung says it has focussed on four key areas in developing the new range, design, picture quality, 3D and its Smart Hub feature.

While its hero is undoutedly the Series 8, 55 inch and 65 inch models which sit at the premium end of the market, the company has also brought in new entry level plasma TVs, with full IPTV and 3D capability aimed at keeping viewers firmly glued to their sets.

One key development in how TV entertainment is being rolled out, is the marrying of Samsung’s TV and mobile businesses. As the viewing experience becomes more app-based, viewers are now given similar functions available on their mobiles and tablets on their TV.


The move is aimed at getting households to start seeing their tablets as their second TV as well as the push towards interactive TV, with apps that enable the viewer to lean back into the comfort of their sofas, and engage in a myriad of activities ranging from social networking, to watching the NRL and AFL games with specific replays chosen at random, and renting movies on the fly.

The latter is achieved through its partnership with Telstra BigPond, with the existing BigPond TV service providing seven streamed channels including 24/7 news, sports and music videos as well as the NRL Game Analyser.

The AFL Game Analyser service is planned for later this year, with the key draw for BigPond broadband customers being that all content is unmetered.

And with the move to include BigPond movies, viewers also gain the ability to browse through a range of titles and have access to automotic rental periods, which means a growing number of Australian homes get access to a virtual DVD store and need never experience late fees again.

In addition to the new TVs, Samsung has also brought out a host of accessories including lightweight, prescription ready 3D active glasses, a new wireless router that offers easy set up and optimised connectivity for the TVs, a new Skype certified HD TV camera, and a Qwerty TV remote control, which allows users to enter website addresses comfortably.

The range of accessories and TVs include:

QWERTY Remote Control – RRP $149
Skype HD TV Camera – RRP $199
Wireless Router – RRP $249
Entry 3D Glasses – RRP $129
Samsung Step-Up 3D Glasses – RRP $149
Samsung Premium 3D Glasses – RRP $189

LED TVs range from an RRP of $2099 to $4699 and Plasma TVs range from $2099 to $4299.



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