SYDNEY – Volkswagen Australia is checking with its German head office to see if its cars sold Down Under have the same emissions-cheating software that have been uncovered in the USA.In the US, Volkswagen has halted all sales of its
diesel vehicles, following an ongoing investigation into software that has
reportedly enabled thousands of cars to cheat emissions tests.

Australia’s federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development,
which regulates vehicle emissions standards Down Under, told AAP that it is
awaiting clarification from Volkswagen Australia about whether its cars here
have the same software.

A spokesman for Volkswagen Australia said the company is seeking more
information from head office. “We will be providing further information
once we have more details,” he said.

Volkswagen is the world’s largest carmaker by sales. It already faces fines of
more than US$18 billion (A$25 billion), and US authorities have reportedly
launched a further criminal investigation into the company.

The company has admitted it equipped about 482,000 cars in the US with software
that covertly turns off pollution controls when the car is being driven, and
turns them on only when it detects that the car is undergoing an emissions

Vehicles affected – at least in the USA – are four-cylinder VW and Audi diesel
models built since 2008.