In a huff and we puff and we try to blow your strategy down, Sony Australia is trying to take on LG in a desperate attempt to stop the Korean TV Company airing a controversial Cinema 3D TV commercial that they haven’t even seen yet.7 days ago LG Australia revealed a new research study that found 82 per cent of 4000 Australian consumers surveyed in a blind test preferred LG’s Cinema 3D TV over Samsung and Sony.

Random consumers were given the opportunity to view a demo reel on unbranded LG, Samsung and Sony TVs and then asked to choose their preferred TV. All of the TVs were set to default settings.

Sony who sell their Bravia TV range in Australia came out bad in the blind tests which were conducted at Westfield shopping centres.

Sony has labelled the research  “misleading” despite the fact that Sony has not approached the research company to ascertain how the tests were conducted.

At the heart of the issue is the use of “Passive” 3D Technology Vs “Active Shutter” technology used by Sony and Samsung to deliver a 3D TV experience.

Earlier this year Samsung Australia took LG to court claiming that LG’s 3D TV commercials were misleading. A judge sitting in the Federal Court rejected Samsung’s claims. The matter is back in the Federal Court after Samsung decided to take further action against their arch rival.  

In what appears to be a PR stunt Sony has issued an ultimatum to LG in an effort to defend their expensive active shutter technology.

When LG ran the same research study in the USA using an independent research firm to the one that carried out the tests in Australia, consumers came to the same conclusion, with 81% picking the LG Cinema 3D TV over offerings from Sony and Samsung.


LG home entertainment marketing manager, Tim Barnes told SmartHouse that LG Australia has rejected Sony’s demands.

“Our new Cinema 3D commercial is still in production, we do not take a direct stab at our competitors in the new commercial, the script for the commercial is humorous and while a small part of the commercial will air on Friday it is not the final commercial” he said.

“LG Australia has confidence in the survey results providing a reliable and adequate foundation for the claim … [and] will aggressively defend any objection or challenge against this marketing initiative,” he added.

At this stage Sony are not saying whether it will take legal action over the dispute. Lawyers acting for the Australian subsidiary have already written to LG claiming that their recent press statements contains “a number of misleading representations”.

LG has been pushing “passive” 3D technology, Vs the expensive “active shutter” glasses which come with Samsung and Sony models.

The Active glasses are bulkier and up to $40 more expensive that the Passive glasses sold by LG.

Samsung national sales and marketing manager Brad Wright told Fairfax Media “The latest GfK market share data shows that 87 per cent of sales units of 3D enabled TVs were for active/shutter technology.” 

“As the leader in the market, Samsung’s full HD 3D units account for 51 per cent of 3D sales,” he concluded. 

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