Sony has unveiled a new line up of its successful Bravia LCD TVs which will see its offerings increase from nine models to 30 models by next year.

“Our new range sees a shift in focus to larger LCD sizes, full 1080 high definition and seamless connectivity between our other high definition product offerings, such as Handycams, PS3 and VAIO notebooks,” said Sony Managing Director, Carl Rose.

The new Bravia line up will see the addition of three series of LCD TVs; the XBR, W and the D.

The high-end XBR series model all run at 100Hz, feature three HDMI inputs and 24p True Cinema – technology co-developed with Sony Pictures to deliver movies in their original 24 frames per second format. The series will consist of a 40-, 46-, 52- and a new 70-inch model.

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The new 70-inch Bravia is the first LCD from Sony to sport such a large size. It is also the first consumer model to use Sony’s Triluminous LED backlight system.

The W and D series models are also full HD (1080) while the sports-lover targeted D series features ‘Motionflow’ technology for smoother image reproduction in action sequences.

Rose said the new line up comes in response to Australian consumer uptake to high definition TVs, claiming Aussies have been the third highest adopters of its Bravia X series globally, and number one in terms of sales per capita.

“Australians are leading the pack in high definition, and in such a sport-loving country, you can see why this might be so. Australia is the fastest growing high definition market, and accordingly, we expect Bravia sales to hit 80 million by the end of this year, and 100 million in 2008,” he said.

The new Bravias will be complemented by a range of home theatre products, including the new golf-ball sized IS-10 “invisible” speakers, an AV receiver with no less than six HDMI inputs, and Bluetooth enabled sound systems.  Also showcased today in the Sony.Experience More event for retailers and media was a Bluetooth enabled Sony Ericsson watch, which can control your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

Sony also gave us a sneak peek of its new OLED technology – with a set of OLED prototype TVs on show. Sony sees OLED as the future of TV technology, to replace LCDs. OLED has the benefit of being super-slim, and is claimed to offer high contrast ratios and fast respone times.

Pricing for the new TVs was not announced.


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