Sony has officially announced its Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera is to hit stores in Australia in August, as predicted by Smarthouse three weeks ago.

Smarthouse broke the news at the start of June that Sony was moving into the SLR market (see http://www.smarthouse.com.au/Digital_Photography/Digital_Still_Cameras?Article=/Digital%20Photography/Digital%20Still%20Cameras/G8H5V2D2) and now we have official confirmation of a launch, as well as official pricing and the announcement that a range of lenses will be launched to complement the new camera.

The basic DSLR-A100 camera (branded under the a symbol) comes with Super SteadyShot anti-shake technology and an anti-dust protection system for its 10.2MP high resolution CCD to prevent dust settling on the sensor. According to Marcus Cornish of Sony’s Digital Still Camera division, such advanced technologies are required more these days by digital camera users.

“Many compact digital still camera users are becoming technology savvy and are looking to invest more in their photography,” he said in a statement. “With a highly sensitive CCD and anti-shake capabilities built into the camera’s body, the A100 simplifies superior technology.”

The launch of the camera has been designed to coincide with the arrival of a line-up of 21 new lenses, including Sony Lenses, Sony G Series High Performance Lenses and the top-of-the-range Carl Zeiss Lenses. The range consists of wide angle, telephoto and specialised lenses and all have been designed specifically for the A100.

The A100 will be sold in three packages, two of which will include add ons from the new lens range. These packages are: the A100 by itself (to be sold as the DSLRA100B package), the A100 body and single lens kit (known as the DSLRA100KB) and the A100 body and twin lens kit (the DSLRA100WB).

Recommended retail prices are $1499 for the DSLRA100B package, $1749 for the DSLRA100KB package and $1999 for the DSLRA100WB pack. Prices for the new lenses range from $299 for an 18-70mm model (available in July), right through to $11,299 for a 300mm F2.8 wide diameter lens (available in November).

More information on the new products is available at www.sony.com.au


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