During the past month as we have exposed Sony price gouging of TV’s and Playstation consoles, along with their seriously overpriced notebooks, readers have responded with hundreds of emails. Very few are complementary of the Japanese company, who later this month is set to announce billions in losses.

The biggest criticism was of Sony Computer Entertainment and their policies regarding the pricing of Playstation consoles in Australia.

Not one single email was complementary of Sony Australia, who by majority are seen by consumers as arrogant and a company that is fast losing touch with their customers. Here is just a few of the emails we received. We will later this week post further emails on the hot topic of Sony.   


Sony boss Michael Ephraim can get as emotional and as pissed as he wants.

The simple fact of the matter is that until he puts forward a simple, clear and reasonable explanation as to why Australians pay more for a PS3 than Americans, there is absolutely no question that we are being price gouged!

Peter Taylor channelnews@mailplex.net

Sony will go down in history as the company that all but owned the market, then gave away all their market-share to so called “inferior technology”.

Nintendo have made history for finding a market no-one knew was there. MS will eventually win in a war of attrition, where he with the deepest pockets wins.


Thankfully I don’t buy Sony crap. Nintendo is so much better anyway.


Thanks for exposing the truth that Sony are big rip-offs…. just another reason not to buy one I guess.




In the future, I think Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony will need to offer a similar service in order to succeed. OnLive is the future. I can’t wait.


I bought a 360. i am completely sick of sony’s arrogant machoistic bullsh*t when i can clearly see that they are price gouging whenever i go to my local JB. i think they deserve to come 3rd this console cycle given the way they treat consumers.


Wow!… not another swipe at SONY, whatever did they do to put your nose so out of joint. Surely you can’t blame them for going ‘off shore’, Australian companies has been doing it for years, in fact we are dead in the water. Japan has been in depression since 1990, so they did hold on for a while didn’t they?


If any body thinks Sony will drop the price when the exchange rate is so low they’re mistaken. It didnt drop when our $$ reached 98US cents. I’ll be surprised if it gets to $499 thats a good price I’d buy one then.


Not having PS2 compatibility is one of the major reasons why the PS2 user base did not upgrade to a PS3. Many former Playstation fans felt betrayed. Had Sony released PS2 games like MGS 3 and God of War 2 with special unlockable levels or other content when played on a PS3 – sales would have gone through the roof as the PS2 users moved across to the PS3 platform to get more from the games they already invested in. Sony are so stupid.

Jack: Melbourne

Actually the guys at Smarthouse aren’t contesting that they make very bad or inferior products. Its just their pricing policy that Smarthouse is criticising. I personally dont like it as well. My Mp3 player is sold here for $129 at the very least, however its on sale in the US for less than $50. Clearly Sony is price gouging. If they treat the Australian market as an important one and view Australian customers as stupid then no one will buy them or support them. Easy.


 I sell PS3’s and when they dropped the backward compatability with ps2 games , customers complained. ( After all it was a good selling feature and kept parents happy about their investment in ps 2 games )  The Sony reps just stated that consumers did not want backwards compatability……not according to nearly every customer I dealth with. Very arrogant

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