Sony is the most trusted consumer electronics brand in Austraila, according a to Reader’s Digest poll.

Sony appeared sixth in the list of all the country’s most trusted brands, the highest ranking for any CE brand. Brands that made up the top three in the poll were Cadbury,
Panadol and Colgate.

“Sony has a long history for developing innovative products of the highest quality, and Australians have continued to recognise this by putting their trust in us. Our
promise is to provide our customers with a unique experience – from the initial purchase through to support – and deliver products they can rely on,” said Sony’s Tim Rich.

The Reader’s Digest poll, now in its sixth year, covered 751 respondents and highlights the importance that Australian consumers place on trust, with 89 percent saying it’s a significant factor when selecting a brand or product. The survey incorporated the contributing factors of trust including positive past experiences and perceived quality. According to Reader’s Digest, once a brand wins a consumer’s trust, they are likely to become loyal purchasers.  “There is no question that quality and trust need to go hand in hand, especially with important purchasing decisions like CE products,” added Rich.

See www.sony.com.au

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