Reddit user Kgarvey has discovered source code on the site that indicates Sony may limit pre-orders for the upcoming PlayStation 5 gaming console to one per household.

The Reddit post reveals that an error message appears when someone tries to add more than one PS5 to the cart, whether the customer is trying to buy a disc or digital PS5 console.

This would be in line with Sony’s past practices. Pre-orders were also limited when Sony launched its PS4 gaming console back in 2013. Users have pointed out that it would be easy to get around this one-per-household limit by ordering through other retailers.

The Reddit post also revealed that Sony will likely add a ‘PS5 Compatible’ label to existing products, which suggests that some, though not all, PS4 games will be backwards compatible with the new console.

PlayStation Direct source code leaks minor PS5 pre-order details from r/GamingLeaksAndRumours

Sony is reportedly doubling the production of its PS5 console to 10 million units, as the company expects global COVID-19 lockdowns to continue to drive demand for gaming products.