Sony Unveils New Cyber-shots And Handycams


Sony has launched a new range of cameras and camcorders designed to make capturing memories easier.

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Cyber-shot T300
The new Cyber-shot models include a new T series model (T300) and four new W series models (W110, W120, W150 and W300), while the new Handycam range will include five HD camcorders and eight standard definition models across five different recording formats.

Sony Cyber-shot Range

According to Sony, its new Cyber-shot range will feature intelligent functions and digital imaging innovations such as ‘advanced’ face detection technology, Intelligent Scene Recognition technology, Super SteadyShot, and HD playback.

Sony Australia’s Digital Still Cameras Senior Product Manager, Kieran Gallagher said, “The latest Cyber-shot digital cameras showcase a number of new technologies to enhance both the shooting and post shooting experience. For example, face detection technology now features adult and child recognition for improved image quality, while the popular Smile Shutter function is now available across a wider range of models, including the W series.”


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Sony Cyber-shot W Series
W Series

The DSCW150 delivers 8.1 mega-pixel resolution, 5x optical zoom and a wide angle lens for better image depth. The cameras also utilise the BIONZ image processing engine and Carl-Zeiss lenses, advanced face detection technology with child and adult recognition, and Intelligent Secene Recognition mode (for selected W Series models).

The DSCW150 (available in silver, black and red), DSCW120 (available in pink only), DSCW110 (available in black and silver) and DSCW300 (available in titanium grey), will have an RRP of $399, $379, $299, and $599, respectively.

T Series

The DSCT300 Cyber-shot digital camera is the successor to the DSCT200. It comes with a 3.5 inch LCD touch screen, 5x optical zoom, and features 10.1 mega-pixel resolution, Intelligent Scene Recognition, and Music Slide Show. The DSCT300 is available in red, black and silver with an RRP of $699


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Sony Handycam Range

The 2008 line-up offers multiple recording options, including Hard Disk Drive, DVD Disc, Memory Stick and Mini DV Tape, with additional flash memory capabilities on DVD and HDD models for hybrid recording. As part of the range, Sony is debuting new high definition models which deliver full 1920 x 1080 HD recording and up to 10.2 megapixel high resolution still images for exceptional clarity and detail, three of which record to Hard Disk Drive (HDRSR10, HDRSR11, HDRSR12) and one to 8cm Disc (HDRUX20).

Sony Australia’s Senior Product Manager for Handycam, Di Shepherd said, “Creating a movie is all about capturing a story, and this year’s line up of Handycam camcorders ensures there’s a model to suit everyone. Sony has provided a choice of recording formats with long recording options like Hard Disk Drive, as well as the simplicity of DVD, with flash based recording media incorporated on all non-linear models this year to extend recording time and provide increased flexibility. Sony has also enhanced both the recording and playback experiences for everyday usage by introducing new and exciting features such as face detection, face index and film roll index. Additionally, the new YouTube upload feature of our supplied Picture Motion Browser Software makes it simple and easy for users to upload movie clips to popular user-generated content sites.”

New to the Handycam range is the face detection technology which can identify up to eight faces and is utilized in both video and still photo shooting mode. This new function automatically allocateds mode pixels to the face during the AVCHD encoding process and optimises focus, exposure, and colour, the company says. (Available in DCRSR220, HDRUX20, HDRSR10, HDRSR11 and HDRSR12 models)


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Sony Handycam HDR-SR12
The new DVD Flash Handycam camcorders can record to flash memory on Memory Stick, while the two step-up models, DCRDVD810 and HDRUX20, also incorporate an internal flash drive for over three hours of standard definition recording. Both the Memory Stick and Internal Flash Memory recordings can then be immediately dubbed to DVD in-camera for instant playback.

Sony has also included a simple YouTube conversion feature for easy file uploading and sharing. The supplied Picture Motion Browser software automatically converts footage to a smaller file size and assists you in uploading clips (excludes DCRHC52).

Sony also claims that all of its DVD and Hard Disk Drive Handycam camcorders have a Zoom Microphone automatically “zooms” the lens and microphone sensitivity at the same time. The Zoom Microphone closely resembles the natural human experience, where moving closer to a particular object increases the sensitivity to sound coming from that location.

Finally, by enabling Film Roll Index, the user playback experience is heightened by making it possible to preview the beginning of scenes and create scene indexes set at specified display intervals (3, 6, or 12 seconds and 1 or 5 minutes). Models featuring the innovative Face Index technology will also allow users to select and play scenes according to the human faces the camcorder detects, making it easy to search for friends and family in each individual chapter.


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