We don’t want the Sony Xperia TX because it’s the smartphone James Bond uses in Skyfall; we want it because on paper it reads like a darn good phone.It marks the return of Sony’s famed arching body, initially popularised by the aptly names Xperia Arc. Whereas the Xperia S bulged from the seams, this smartphone curves inwards, ergonomically accommodating a person’s brace.

At 8.6mm thin and 127 grams, there’s not much to hold.

20121128125803140f0 400x317 Sonys Flagship Xperia TX
Image source: GSMArena

On the front, it has a 4.55 inch screen equipped with the same 720×1,280 resolution of a high definition TV. This gives the smartphone a noteworthy 323 pixel-per-inch density. The screen is also capable of recognising 10 fingers at one time, but we’re not sure how Sony will make use of this functionality considering the screen’s size.

Beneath the skin purrs a 1.5GHz dual core chipset, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory, with the option of adding an expandable memory card. Admittedly the innards aren’t tomorrow’s cutting-edge technology, but they’ll handle the Android 4.0 OS diligently. Performance will improve when Sony’s Jelly Bean 4.1 upgrade becomes available.

Here is the kicker: the Xperia TX has a 13 megapixel camera equipped with the Company’s mobile Exmor R sensor. If you’re new to the jargon, it simply means the TX inherits its camera capabilities from Sony’s pro camera line.


With the megapixel count so high, Sony can afford to equip the camera with 16 x digital zoom.

The TX’s rear camera can record Full HD (1080p) video at 30fps, while the front 1.3MP camera will record High Definition (720p) video.

Rounding off the TX’s repertoire is a solid set of connectivity options. Standouts include Near Field Communications (NFC), DLNA, WiFi Direct and aGPS.

20121128010021ad5ce 400x241 Sonys Flagship Xperia TX
The TX is PlayStation certified and comes with a range of Sony custom apps

The Xperia TX looks like Sony is returning to form. Recent IDC research reveals Sony jumped up 3 spots in global smartphone market share, but they still have a lot to prove.

The TX launches today (November 28th) exclusively from Vodafone and is free on their $50 plan over 24 months. Keep an eye out for our official review.

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