Sony Ericsson has managed to achieve a rare feat with its new Z601i mobile by combining function and style in the one phone.

The Z601i is a 3G phone boasting a form factor that is aimed squarely at the fashion-conscious set. It features a sleek mirror-finish front, complete with first ‘magic mirror’ display.

The magic mirror technology works so the display is only visible when the phone is in use (eg, when you have an incoming call). The rest of the time it looks like an ordinary mirror.

Aside from the 3G capability, the Z610i also features a 2.0 megapixel camera, a 2.0-inch colour screen and a host of multimedia functions, such as support for a picture blog, video telephony, push email and QCIF video recording and streaming.

It comes in either black and blue, as well as pink until the end of the year.

RRP: $669

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