With models featuring iPod connectivity, Bluetooth streaming and large internal hard drives for music storage, Sony’s new audio line up is claimed to have all bases covered with for music lovers.

The iPod Micro System is made for an iPod, with an integrated dock built into the top of the unit. The iPod menu and system features can be accessed with the remote control, while the micro system charges the device.

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Sony’s CMTBX50BT offers Bluetooth streaming.

Front loading CD player, AM/FM tuner, CD-R/RW playback and front portable audio input all come packaged in this sleek white unit, making it an ideal system for any modern home.
The CMTBX50BT Bluetooth micro system features Bluetooth streaming and a front audio input to connect to an MP3 player. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to wirelessly stream CD-quality music to and from other Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) devices, such as Bluetooth stereo-enabled headphones, PCs, digital music players and mobile phones.
This allows users to move from the car to the home or office, and Bluetooth-enabled devices – such as the new limited-edition Walkman MP3 player – can sync up effortlessly while the music never skips a beat.
With an 80GB hard drive, the NASE35HD Gigajuke can store up to 15,000 songs in its internal memory and automatically categorise music, identifying CD, artist and track name with the in-built Gracenote database software. The Gigajuke also features an AM/FM tuner, CD-R/RW and MP3 playback through a front audio input.


Finally, the HTIS100 is a 200W subwoofer with five satellite speakers. The compact satellite speakers are no bigger than a golf ball, yet pack 50W of power and can be calibrated using Sony’s unique D.C.A.C setup system. With HDMI connectivity, the HTIS100 supports Blu-ray progressive and 24-frame-per-second video signal, as well as x.v.Colour. Also featuring BRAVIA Sync, for improved HDMI CEC functionality, users need only use one remote to have full control over all Sony connected devices.

CMTBX20i $349.00
CMTBX50BT $349.00
NASE35HD $699.00
HTIS100 $1,199.00

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