Soundbars are some of the hottest pieces of technology in the home cinema market at the moment. It’s not hard to see why, with their clutter free set up, space saving designs and surprisingly advanced sound quality. SmartHouse would like to introduce you to a diverse selection.

Philips CSS2123 $199.00

A small sound bar that still packs a punch. This is an ultra-compact and
versatile piece that fits nicely anywhere with its low-rise profile.

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Panasonic SC-HTB170 $299.00

The device boasts one of the more
dynamic set ups with four different possible positions. Rotatable to 90
degrees, it also has Bluetooth wireless technology.

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LG NB3520A $399.00

This sound bar is capable of surprisingly warm, natural
sounds. Its total output is much bigger than its slender body boasts.


Samsung HW-F551 $549.00

A compactly designed bar with a wireless subwoofer, the system is encased by a
premium aluminium finish. It is very easily integrated into the Samsung home
entertainment range.

JBL SB200 $599.00

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Users can wirelessly stream music to this unit from phones
or other music devices. It’s understated and discreet in design but without

Polk 3000IHT $649.00
Magnetically shielded so it can be placed with almost any kind of set up, the
3000IHT automatically calibrates and optomises itself for use in any room.

Sonos Play Bar

The Play Bar features a modern design with matte cloth and
aluminium finish. A downloadable Sonos app will control your TV or playbar from
a smartphone.

Yamaha YSP-2200 Sound
Bar $1199.00

The bar achieves true surround
sound with Digital Sound Projector technology. Optimised for iPod connectivity
with a dock, it’s free of cords or connectors.
Harman Kardon SB30 $1299.00

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This is a stunning high-end sound
bar system with a wirelessly connected subwoofer. One of the better options for
hard core bass fanatics, it’s true to its HK pedigree. 

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