Norton believes the key to its new anti-virus offering is the speed at which it gets the job done.

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Norton 360 version 3.0 takes one minute to install and uses just under 10MB of memory, but Norton manufacturer Symantec claims its fast performance when scanning is what makes this new software different from its competitiors.

It also further extends protection to online activities with the full-featured version of the new website ratings service, Norton Safe Web.

This latest version includes all of the performance and security enhancements of Norton Internet Security 2009, such as Norton Insight and pulse updates that result in intelligent scanning and the industry’s most frequent protection updates.
Norton 360 now includes Norton Safe Web, a Web site rating service designed to extend protection to your online experience – whether browsing, searching, shopping or interacting.

Based on the nature of today’s threats, consumers need a warning prior to visiting a site.  Nearly 60 percent of unsafe sites identified by Norton Safe Web are found to contain threats that can infect your PC without requiring you to download or install files. Norton Safe Web delivers the freshest, most accurate site ratings by leveraging targeted crawling, a unique Intelligent Aging Algorithm and the 20 million member Norton Community Watch.  In addition, Norton Safe Web also extends protection by providing ecommerce safety ratings that enable users to make informed decisions about whether to conduct a transaction with an online vendor. 


Norton 360 includes Norton Identity Safe, which securely manages your online identities, stores usernames and passwords for convenient online shopping, banking and browsing, and prevents eavesdropping programs such as keyloggers from capturing your private information.

Another feature is Norton Backup Drive, which enables you to manage backup through the familiar Windows Explorer interface, while Backup Source Selection and File Type Management provide maximum flexibility. In addition, you can backup files to multiple destinations such as USB flash drives, iPods, CD/DVDs, Blu-ray media or secured online storage.  
The latest version of Norton 360 includes Smart Startup Manager to turn off or delay unnecessary programs that slow startup time.  Smart Startup Manager notifies you about new startup items and measures the performance impact of each item.  Norton 360 Version 3.0 also provides an enhanced Diagnostic Report showing a comprehensive system snapshot with recommended tips to keep your PC running at its best.

Norton 360 now features free web, email, chat or phone support for a period of one year.  Additionally, you can access One-Click Support to get help immediately and directly from the product’s interface. 
Premier Edition $149.95
Small Business Edition 5 User Pack $199.95
Small Business Edition 10 User Pack $349.95

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