One of the drawbacks with LCD displays is being all but eliminated with response times getting to the point even gamers will have trouble criticizing.

Fast motion, whether from watching DVD video or in 3d interactive gaming can cause blurring on LCD screens causing some dedicated gamers to eschew the flat panel displays in favour of the tried and trusted CRT tubes.

As the LCD industry has responded to this challenge response times, the measure of how fastan LCD crystal can be reset have been steadily marching downward. Now ViewSonic has released a display with a response time that beats its previous models which it claims were already the world’s fastest.

The latest monitor in the company’s VX Series now has response times 33 per cent than the earlier models. The 19-inch VX922 offers two millisecond (ms) average video response time across the entire colour scale, says the company.

Typical “fast-response” displays on the market today offer an average grey-to-grey (or intermediate level) response time of 20 to 25ms, says ViewSonic stretching the point a little. And then calculates its new Xtreme LCD line-up as up to 12 times faster.

“The faster response time of our new VX displays brings us one step closer to achieving CRT-like performance with all the benefits LCD’s offer,” said John Yeh, Country Manger, ViewSonic Australia. “We’ve made the much sought after ability to enjoy games and movies in the sleek flat panel form factor a reality.”

The VX922 combines ViewSonic’s proprietary Dynamic Structure and Amplified Impulse video response acceleration technologies to support rates of up to 500 frames per second across the entire colour scale.

The VX922 19″ LCD monitor should be available now at an RRP of $849.


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