SwannOne is as Swann rightly describes, a flagship model that is security-centric and above all designed to be enjoyable to use around the home or office.

Swann showed its innovative
SwannOne at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. Judging
by the number of visitors to Swann’s display who honed in on the SwannOne
demonstration model, this one proved to be a winner.


Quiz the visitors at the
booth and most said they liked SwannOne because it offered peace of mind. By
which they meant that knowing family and staff safe and moreover their space is
secure, was something that was really priceless.


They also liked the way
SwannOne is readily and easily customisable and scalable so it can be tailored
and expanded to meet specific family or commercial requirements.


Add the fact that SwannOne is
built to link and connect to just about any other device featuring Wi-Fi
technology and other mainstream radio protocols, and you can see why Swann’s new
technology is such a winner.


You can think of SwannOne as
a modular solution that starts with the SwannOne Smart Hub controlled by apps
for either iOS or Android for easy control and innumerable applications.


Later as funds allow you can
add the SwannOne Sound View Camera designed to monitor and record what’s
occurring inside your home or office, with perfect clarity. There is also a
SwannOne outdoor camera specifically designed with a weather proof casing to
monitor the outside of your property.


Features such as Motion
activation are amazing. Motion activation has the ability to know when someone
is tampering and trying to break in to your home or business, and alerts your
phone to this intrusion especially if there’s an attempt to break or move the


SwannOne technology has
built-in microphones that are so clever they can analyze specific sounds such
as breaking glass, a baby crying or an errant car alarm.


The SwannOne system will only
send an alert in the event of a major noise disturbance. It simply susses out
whether the noise is emanating from something as harmless as a dropped bottle
or Glass on a kitchen floor.


SwannOne can hear Smoke and
CO alarms going off and when it does it sends an immediate alert. If it can’t
reach the user, it can be programmed to connect to emergency services via an
optional professional security monitoring service.


With SwannOne, simply access and regulate the temperature inside the
house by connecting to the Zen Thermostat available online. For example, if you
enjoy a cool 20 degrees, then adjust the climate from the app so it is at the
optimal temperature by the time you complete the commute home. SwannOne can
also lower energy consumption by automatically making adjustments to settings
based on pre-set rules.

The SwannOne smart home solution can also be expanded to monitor your
household electrical usage using smart plugs allowing you to remotely switch
any appliance on or off, create rules or schedules for them as well.

SwannOne allows remote control of Philip’s Hue lighting and you can
create schedules of your choice. And of course, SwannOne records hours of
crystal clear video and the SwannOne Cloud is a dandy and secure storage

SwannOne is affordable and it’s a simple plug-and-play solution with no
need for hard wiring. Not when the peripherals are fitted with 3M CommandTM
strips to allow easy and transferable placement.

SwannOneTM has a wide range of starter kits from basic alarm
to more comprehensive solutions, which are also an affordable, upgradeable
pathway to desirable functions -more combine alarm, video monitoring, energy
management and appliance control, such as the Advanced Smart Home Control Kit.
Each kit is fully customisable with accessories sold separately so it can be
scaled up or down to reflect the changing requirements of the user.

is now available in Australia.

more information on SwannOne: www.swannone.com

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