Symantec is launching the new Mobile Security Suite 5.0, a program designed to give Windows Mobile Smartphone users comprehensive protection.

The company claims that the Mobile Security Suite 5.0 will combine security and loss mitigation technologies in order to protect sensitive data and improve company compliance and will include antivirus, firewall, anti-SMS spam, and data encryption technologies that are easy to deploy, manage and maintain. 

This kind of layered security can not only mitigate the unique security risks of mobile devices, but can also enable companies to more easily and cost-effectively comply with internal security policies and external regulations, the company  says.

Managing Director of Symantec’s Mobile Security Group, Paul Miller said, “Many Symantec customers – IT departments and consumers alike – understand that mobile phones represent the new computing platform. Now that the dual-mode Windows Mobile devices permit users to communicate over both cellular and wireless local networks, more and more users are relying on their phones for their personal and business transactions.  These ‘pro-sumers’ are looking to security leaders like Symantec to help them protect their information and interactions no matter where they reside – whether that’s on phones, laptops, or PCs.”

The Symantec Mobile Security Suite 5.0 is an integrated solution that addresses the expanding ecosystem of both known and unknown security threats. 



It also provides added protection for the common problem of lost phones and provides several integrated security technologies for mobile devices including:

  • Antivirus – Immediately detects mobile threats and prevents users from accessing an infected file.  Administrators can schedule regular virus scans and updates via Symantec LiveUpdate
  • Firewall – Controls both inbound and outbound network traffic on the mobile device
  • Anti-SMS Spam – Automatically filters and deletes spam messages, or places them  in a separate spam folder;
  • Loss mitigation technologies – Encrypts data on the device and memory cards in case it is lost or stolen.  A file activity log helps administrators determine if confidential files have been accessed, and a data wipe tool erases all data after a maximum number of consecutive failed login attempts.
  • Phone Feature Control – Allows administrators to enable and disable certain device features, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and device synching. This limits security vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors by only providing access to those features required for business
  • Symantec Mobile VPN – This optional add-on enables enterprise customers to connect to corporate networks through secure IPSec VPN tunnels in order to protect sensitive data and interactions
  • Network Access Control – When used with the Symantec Mobile VPN, this technology enables IT administrators to ensure only secure, policy-compliant devices can access the corporate network
  • Tamper Protection – Verifies that the device’s image and security applications have not been tampered with or altered prior to allowing network access
  • Enterprise Management – Provides a management console for IT administrators with customizable security policies and reporting.


Symantec Mobile Security Suite 5.0 and Symantec Mobile VPN 2.6, important components of Symantec’s Endpoint Security product family and the company’s Security 2.0 strategy, are available now.  These products are available through Symantec’s direct sales force, enterprise VAR channel, system integrators and select OEM partners.

See: www.symantec.com

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