Well, it claims to save your data, anyway, with its new Norton Save & Restore software.

Norton Save & Restore is an automated backup and recovery solution which Symantec claims is simple enough for any consumer to use. The company quoted a recent IDC study that found 68 percent of people do not make backup copies of their data, despite being concerned about data loss, as evidence of the need for a simple data backup solution.

“The personal computer has become a data bank of our personal lives – families are storing a wide range of important information on their PCs, from financial data to photos, school work, music and more. At the same time, threats to the safety of that data are increasing and consumers are more aware of the types of threats to their personal information. By simplifying backup and recovery, Norton Save & Restore helps protect the digital treasures that consumers care about most,” said Symantec’s David Freer.

Norton Save & Restore can automatically scan the user’s system and recommend which drives, files and folders should be backed up. It also claims to automatically determine the best location to store backups. When teamed with Norton Internet Security, Symantec said Norton Save & Restore can automatically initiate a backup whenever it is notified about a virus or worm outbreak. It also enables users to encrypt and password-protect their backup files.

Save & Restore also allows users the option to create an exact image of their entire hard drive without leaving the operating system or rebooting by utilising the disk imaging power of Norton Ghost.

The product is available exclusively at Dick Smith Electronics until June 20, 2006 and at all software retailers after this date.

RRP: $100

Symantec said customers can claim $30 back from the company if they buy the product before September 30 this year.

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