National broadband company Internode has signed an agreement to use the new Basslink fibre-optic cable to significantly increase its data backhaul capacity between Tasmania and the mainland.Basslink is an Australian project that enables the trade of electricity between Tasmania and the mainland, providing secure, renewable energy and telecommunications services. The Basslink interconnector runs from Loy Yang in Gippsland, Victoria, across Bass Strait to Bell Bay in northern Tasmania. The 360km Basslink interconnector incorporates the longest submarine power cable in the world.

The Basslink deal increases Internode’s data capacity across Bass Strait by more than 150 per cent. It also provides greater certainty of uninterrupted services for Tasmania by creating a redundant data path. Internode expects to start using the new Basslink service before the middle of this year.

Internode carrier relations manager John Lindsay said the extra capacity allowed Internode to accelerate its growth in Tasmania. “It positions us well for strong and profitable growth,” he said.

“It makes Internode even more attractive to Tasmanian customers who can continue to enjoy the same level of broadband performance and range of services that our customers get in the rest of the country.”

“As well as virtually halving our cost of backhauling data across Bass Strait, the Basslink service will allow us to exploit economies of scale as we grow.”

Internode has signed a three-year contract with Basslink for an initial data capacity of 622 megabits per second. The company expects this to increase to more than one gigabit within the first year.

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