TEAC’s TV knowledge base stretches over many decades of experience designing and manufacturing plasma, LCD and now LCD/LED TVs. If any brand knows what it takes to create a truly smart ”Smart TV” its TEAC.

Before creating its LES 72 3D SMART TV series, TEAC did what any good brand does. It canvassed the opinions and wish lists of thousands of consumers across the globe.

They told TEAC they wanted all the features expected of a modern TV, but above all they wanted it to be easy for all the family to use and enjoy.

Their new TV had to function as a family communication hub where they could watch TV programs or go online at will.

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But they also asked for a TV that displayed video from TV programs, Games, Blu-ray disc, cable receiver and online sites with eye-pleasing amounts of clarity and colours.

TEAC took all of these requests on board and the result has now arrived in the shape and tactile ease of use of the 42, 55 and 65-inch LES 72 3D SMART TV Series. The range comprises the $1,099, LES4272F3d, the $1,599 LES5572F3d and the $2,199 LES6572F3d.

To prove TEAC listens to consumers, each of the new TVs has an Android platform installed in its hardware. Nothing could be easier than choosing and navigating the LES 72 3D Smart TVs wireless, online connectivity features. In fact it’s as easy as using an Android smartphone or tablet.

Along with an intuitive ease-of-use, the new TEAC TV range is loaded with the brand’s most advanced technology, says company Senior Product and Marketing manager, Daniel Seow.

”We at TEAC Australia believe that our intuitive TEAC Android SMART system not only presents our most advanced technology to date, but is also one of the most incredibly comprehensive TV models with a number of very special features that offer truly all-in-one entertainment”, he said.

The Android SMART System requires a simple wireless connection to a home network. Once you’ve logged in to the TVs Google screen you can start to download the vast availability of apps using Google play. But you can also use the Google screen to browse websites or liaise with friends on Facebook and Twitter. One feature sure to please is watching YouTube clips or TV shows which will be displayed with clarity and detail, and what’s more, in the comfort of your own home.

These TEAC LES 72 3D SMART TVs are especially ideal for Skype sessions with family, friends or even for conference calls as they have the ability to connect and mount a USB Webcam on the top of each model while also giving full HD resolution.

The new LES 72 3D SMART TVS give 3D sources added depth, height and depth of field. This outstanding 3D cinematic experience from 3D Blu-ray movies and 3D games is the fruit of years of TEAC’s experience building 3D enabled TVS and Blu-ray players.

Those enjoying the top of the range LES6572F3D’s 3D mode will enjoy vibrant 3D with two pairs of Active Shutter 3D glasses supplied with the TV. Those wanting a little less intensity are catered for with the four pairs of passive 3D glasses supplied with the LES4272F3D and LES5572F3D models.

Gamers are also will catered for and will find the LES4272F3D and LES5572F3D models a real treat for the eyes and ears. Both models come with an additional two pairs of DUO PLAY glasses allowing two players to immerse themselves in full screen, 3D multiplayer gaming using the ”Sync View” function that eliminates the distraction of confusing split screens.

TEAC’s SMART TV consumer survey also gives buyers of this dazzling trio of models all the benefits of Live TV Recording and Multimedia playback. Sports fans will just love to kick back and record World Cup, NRL or AFL games while they’re watching them. They can also command the new TEAC SMART TVS to record programs using the easy-to-use scheduling feature. A real bonus when for example, a game you just can’t miss is scheduled for the wee, dark hours of the morning.

Plugging in a USB storage device is all that’s required to record Live TV, use the Time Shift recording mode or playback music, videos and images stored on the USB.

The new TEAC SMART TV’s multi-screen control will push and pull content from smartphones. They also have an MHL connection for easy Android connectivity, 4 HDMI inputs and an SD Card slot.

Stylish and extra SMART. That’s the promise TEAC has kept with its swank LES 72 3D SMART TV series.
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