Every parent wants to know their infant is safe and secure, and the O’Baby line of baby care products may give some new parents some extra piece of mind.

The range uses Oregon Scientific’s LCD technology as well as weather forecasting and indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity monitoring so parents can view the baby’s surroundings quickly and easily.

The O’Baby range consists of:

· A Smart Baby Phone (RRP $99), which features one-way 2.4GHz digital sound transmission at up to 300 metres, automatic voice activation, a soothing nightlight with sleep timer and indoor temperature display.
· A Multi-Way Smart Baby Phone (RRP $149), which allows two-way communication between baby and parents. Other features include automatic channel selection and voice activation, soothing sounds with remote control in parent unit, indoor temperature and humidity display and an alarm clock.
· A Smart Outdoor Monitor (RRP $69), which monitors UV level, temperature, relative humidity and provides a weather forecast.
· A Smart Bath Thermometer (RRP $39), which measures and displays the water temperature and comes with sound alarms and preset comfort levels.
· The Lullaby Music Player (RRP $99), which offers 12 soothing sounds in stereo-sound quality including lullabies, bird/forest noises and the ocean. The player also doubles as a CD player and you can define a play list. There is also a night light and a digital clock.

More information on the range is available at http://www.oregonscientific.com.au

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