Following our story this morning called “Telstras CDMA Network Refuses To Die” concerning the postponement of the closure of the CDMA network due to worries over the 3G network in the bush, Telstra has replied to channelnews claiming that this is just not the case and their 3G network is in top-notch condition.

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According to a Telstra spokesman, the new 3G network has only been postponed “once” and that it is “as good if not better than the old CDMA network”, adding that all the problems with 3G have to do with users being sold “or using the wrong handsets”.

This may well be correct, however persistent reports over the past couple of months have shown a number of niggling issues in the Telstra’s 3 network, including one recent report that said “Telstra would be contacting users experiencing a number of dropouts on its 3G network to try and solve their problems” and Telstra said a “very small number of customers” are experiencing dropout problems.



Despite our small numerical discrepancy, one thing that the Telstra spokesperson did not mention was a recent statement by Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy that he “was not in a position to declare equivalence between the Next G network and the CDMA networks”.

The other question is that if the 3 network is performing at such admirable levels, why at all did Telstra postpone the close of the CDMA network on 28 January until at least 28 April, if the network in rural areas was not an issue?

Surely, a few wrongly supplied handsets cannot be thwarting the closure of the CDMA network and holding back its full scale replacement with 3G?

As of publication, we still await further comments from Telstra about how their public statements on the rural viability of the 3G network and the comments from Senator Conroy seem to contradict each other. 

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