Telstra are to invade the western country after winning a lucrative mobile contract.
The telco is being paid millions to build the Regional Mobile Communication Project (RMCP), a contract which it has just been awarded by the WA State Government.

The project will amount to “significant expansion” to Western Australia’s regional mobile phone coverage, with $39.2million backing from the state.

However, the project will also allow for improved wireless broadband, voice and data services in the region.

Telstra will deliver a total return of $106 million in value to the region, made up of both direct capital expenditure and access rights to infrastructure, it said today.

The multimillion dollar venture will build 113 new mobile sites to bring increased coverage to regional and remote areas of WA – by about 22% – from 430,000 km2 to 525,000 km2 plus.

Construction of the first sites is already underway to be completed over the next three years.

The telco said the company was delighted to win the contract, which was open to competitive bid.

“Western Australians in regional communities throughout the state will benefit from improved coverage in more areas,” Telstra Regional Sales and Service Director Central West, Richard Fink, said.

“Keeping people connected is a vision both Telstra and the State Government share and Telstra looks forward to providing a network that will benefit not just individuals but also business, government, indigenous communities and emergency services in WA,” he added.


“This expansion of the Telstra mobile network will provide the communications backbone for the economic and social development of Western Australia for years to come.”

Following the completion of RMCP, more than 8300km of the state’s highways will have near-continuous car-kit coverage, improving mobile phone coverage along all the major highways throughout regional, rural and remote Western Australia.

The Regional Mobile Communications Project is funded by WA’s Government’s Royalties for Regions Program.

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